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Securing your music is important. When songwriters and musicians want a "copyright", they're probably thinking about Registration of their work, usually without realizing it. When you write the song, you have the copyright. To enforce those rights effectively you should REGISTER the work.

You can Register your songs immediately in just a few minutes here at this well known online legal services company:'re invited to do your career a little favor, navigate around this site first, and discover through simple copyright rules how money is REALLY made in the music industry.


Music & Copyright: Joined At Birth!

Most songwriters already have their copyright before they realize it. 

A Copyright (literally: the right to copy) exists instantly whenever a piece of music is created and fixed in some tangible form. "Fixed" just means it's recorded or written down in some fashion.

Your musical work and the copyright are joined at birth. After that, many people in the music business will try to separate them.

As you'll see, the law itself pecks away at your EXCLUSIVE right to copy your work. This is not necessarily bad. Copyrights are assets; used wisely they can be very lucrative.

Songwriters and musicians can make mistakes and unwittingly allow others to gain copyright interests in portions of their work. If you know how and when copyrights get transferred, you'll probably profit and succeed. If you don't, you may find yourself parted from some of your rights, often without recourse, and sometimes without even knowing it.

Registration, Registration, Registration

Those are the three most important concepts in copyright? I want to copyright my music

When you say: "I Wanna Copyright My Music", you're talking about Registration of the Copyright.

Copyright and Registration are decidedly NOT joined at birth. You have to take some action to Register your work. It's a little more complicated than mailing songs to yourself by registered letter, but not by much.

Registration joins your work to the legal machinery you need to enforce the copyright and get paid. Thankfully, it is not really a difficult process.


Registration Options

Call an attorney, preferably one who specilizes in Intellectual Property. Direct the lawyer to Register your songs with the United States Copyright Office. The lawyer will handle the Library of Congress deposit requirements and then you'll write a big check.

Use a music copyright service. Often run by lawyers, some are excellent alternatives with low cost and high efficiency. These services provide information, forms contract to protect you from various pitfalls, and will structure your registration so you avoid paying unnecessary multiple filing fees for groups of songs.

Register the copyright yourself with the United States Government. This method can work well for some songwriters and musicians. The Copyright Office imposes a small fee per registration. If you want to copyright 10 songs separately, that little fee could get unpleasant. Thankfully, under some circumstances you can register multiple songs with a single application, and a single application fee.

But before you do anything, let's ask a few questions and then answer them. After that you'll be ready to Register to effectively protect AND market your music. Here are some things you'll want to know:::

  • Do I fully understand the difference between a Copyright and Registration of a Copyright? 
  • What are my Authorship interests: Music, Lyrics, Performance, Production, or all of these? 
  • Is my music Published? 
  • Is my music Unpublished? 
  • What if I don't know whether it's published or not? 
  • What are Joint Works? 
  • Do I know how to copyright a song with lyric? 
  • Should I copyright my music now, or should I wait? 
  • How are royalties tied to registration? 
  • Can I enforce my copyright interests? 
  • Is mailing the song to myself in a registered envelope good protection? 
  • What if I'm in a band and we all write this stuff?

If you already know this information, or you'd just assume get back to it later, try this excellent on-line service   


Copyright My Music Copyright My Music

Otherwise, poke around this website. In about the same time it takes to complete the drive thru at McDonald's, you can have a working knowledge of the rules governing your artistic assets. Understand what you are registering, why you are registering it, and find out how you get paid for your efforts and talent.