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  • "I WANT TO COPYRIGHT MY MUSIC NOW!!" We hear you. Securing your music is important. Registration is how to do it. So, let's review a few copyright rules. It will only take a few minutes and a quick lesson in Copyright For Music will prove valuable throughout your career as a songwriter and/or musician.
  • Failure to Copyright A Song through the Registration process can limit streams of revenue and cut off the right to potentially large statutory damages if your work is stolen.
  • Music Copyright Information That Will Help Your Career. Learn basic copyright rules, protect your music career assests (songs and sound recordings), and you will quite likely have a much happier and successful career.
  • Registration provides music copyright protection, allowing songwriters and musicians to tap into royalty systems that generate multiples streams of income.
  • An important source of revenue for copyright owners are Public Performance Royalties. If a radio station broadcasts your song they need a license. Money from the purchase of that license must somehow be paid to you as the writer of the song. Nightclubs and performance venues, whether large or small, need a license to play your music.
  • To Register a copyright, it is essential to understand who has an authoriship interest in the work you want to protect. You also need to know which elements of a song you wish to copyright. When someone asks how to copyright music, they are usually thinking about elements beyond melody.
  • How To Copyright Songs And Not Get Burned. In most cases, there's four possible parts of a musical work in which you can have an authorship interest: The Music, The Lyrics, The Performance wherein the song is RECORDED and The Production and/or Engineering of the Recording.
  • You can copyright your music quickly at a low price using online copyright services. Technically, you have a copyright in your work at the time of creation, but the bundle of rights you have in your own work can not be secured, enforced and fully monetized until you REGISTER your copyright with the U.S. Copyright office.
  • Music Copyright, done correctly, is an easy and inexpensive process which will secure important rights and allow you to commercialize your songs.
  • This free Copyright Assigment form will prevent others from gaining copyright interests in your work.
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